Whether a garage is full of cars, toys, or boxes, the garage doors are of the utmost importance. Ignoring outdated or malfunctioning garage doors can impact the value of your home and the safety of your family.

3 Reasons to Consider New Garage Doors

Curb appeal: Very often, the garage door is a more prominent feature than the guest entrance. For the past 40 years, attached garages have been placed in the forefront of the residence to welcome us home. If the garage is the first thing you see, make sure that your doors are clean, crisply painted, and match the style of the home. Garage doors with windows are usually more appealing for residential application and color is an important decision.

Insulation: Although it is unlikely that your garage is being heated or cooled with the rest of your home, insulation is still important. An insulated garage door cuts utility costs and reduces the impact of outside noise. A well-sealed garage door improves efficiency and protects against the elements. Do not be complacent with a garage that doesn’t rest soundly on the concrete when closed.

Safety: Malfunctioning garage doors are a safety hazard. If the rollers are damaged, the mechanism stalls or the sensors are faulty, it is important to consider a repair or upgrade. A qualified technician can identify the problem and make practical suggestions for improving the functionality of your garage doors. Seek out a company with experience in your area. If safety is your primary concern, be sure to choose a business that provides diagnostic testing and offers both repair and replacement options to customers. For professional service and prompt attention, contact Metro Doors & Gates.

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Edo Binder