Everything You Need to Know About Plano, TX

Plano, TX has earned its place amongst the safest cities in America, according to Law Street Media. 27/4 Wall Street also gave it the accolade as one of the best-run cities in America.

These awards were nice, but they weren’t telling us anything that we didn’t already know. It’s no surprise that Wallet Hub crowned us the happiest city in America.

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What Makes Plano, TX So Special?

We’re a larger city, but we’ve kept that old village sense of community. Here you’ll get to know your neighbors and be encouraged to get involved in community events.

Our town started as nothing more than a small outpost in the 1840s, aptly named Plano thanks to the surrounding plains (not because it is plain). With little more than a shop and a sawmill, it had very humble beginnings—but that changed fast. Once the railway came through town, Plano was officially on the map and experienced rapid growth. Today it’s one of Dallas’s most popular suburbs.

What Can You Do in Plano, TX?

Great Food

First, if you’re coming to visit, you’ve got to try the local cuisine. We’re a bunch of foodies at heart, so there’s always some new hot and happening spot opening up, and the established shops are always trying new menu options out.

We’ve already got over a thousand restaurants, so forget about not being able to find something nice to eat. Got an idea for a new restaurant? Come check out our town, it could just be the perfect spot.

We’re Hungry for More than Just Food

As evidenced by the thriving Arts District, people in Plano, TX also like the finer things in life. The arts district has recently made it onto the National Register of Historic Places. Get a feel for what life was like in the town’s early days.

It’s got a relaxed vibe and lots to keep you entertained. We’ve got outdoor music venues that showcase the best of local and international music. We even have our own symphony.

Want a More Rustic View?

Heritage Farm is another historic spot to see. Initially started in 1891, it still features the original Victorian homestead and now has a museum. It’s also a working farm, so it’s an excellent spot for the kids.

Want Something a Little Out of the Ordinary?

Head over to Dark Hour Haunted House. Have a good scare at any time of the year, not just Halloween.

Ever Wanted to be a Storm Trooper?

Then you’ll love the Void. You get a chance to play a role in your favorite movies in the virtual reality universe they’ve created. You’ll think that you’ve died and gone to Hoth.

Maybe You Prefer Some Old School Hollywood Action?

If so, take a short drive to visit South Fork ranch. Yes, you can see where JR Ewing grew up and hatched a lot of his Machiavellian schemes. It is still a working ranch to this day, but now South Fork is a luxury hotel.

It’s a good thing too. If JR was still around, he’d probably have taken some pot shots at site-seers.

Prepare for Retail Therapy You Won’t Believe

In Texas, when we do something, we do it right. We’ve got some of the best shopping malls and quaint little boutiques in Texas. You’ll find everything from high-end designer stores to carts selling home-made jewelry.

Close to the Dallas Airport

We’re just twenty minutes outside of Dallas making it very convenient for international travelers.

Local Garage Door Repair in Plano, TX

One of the great things about living in Plano, TX is that our businesses offer good, old-fashioned customer service. As the premier business providing garage door repair Plano, we’re proud to carry on this fine tradition.

We offer local garage door repair in Plano, TX at affordable rates. Whether it’s a broken garage door spring or need a routine garage door service, we’ll get it done for you.

When is a Good Time for a Garage Door Service?

We recommend calling us in once a year or so to make sure that everything is still in good working order. While some repairs are easy enough for you to tackle yourself, others are more difficult.

Replacing a broken garage door spring, for example, may be dangerous if it’s kept in place under high pressure. Let us come in and make sure that everything is done quickly, safely, and efficiently for you.

As for the service itself, call us in at any time of the year. It’s probably a good idea to get things checked out at the end of winter. The extreme weather at this time of year can wreak havoc on mechanical systems.

What Services Does Metro Garage Door Repair Offer?

We offer all variety of commercial and residential maintenance services and garage door repair in Plano. Our general service appointments are much like what goes on with a car service. We:

  • Check carefully for any worn parts
  • Make sure that dirt and debris is cleared away
  • Apply the correct lube
  • Check for stress damage
  • Make sure that the motor, if applicable, is running correctly and is serviced

If we feel that you need a garage door repair, we’ll discuss your options with you honestly. We’ll also let you know if it’s time to consider upgrading to a new system. We’ll help you extend the useful lifespan of your garage door if possible.

Our tech will come out and establish the source of the problem. Once he’s narrowed that down, he’ll give the rest of the system a good once over to identify any issues that might cause problems down the line.

From there, we’ll discuss what needs to be done with you, and when you give the go-ahead, we’ll conduct the repairs.

We Love Plano

If it sounds like we’re bragging about our town, that’s because we are. What’s the point of false modesty when you live in one of the best towns in the US? We have it all – historical sites, outstanding entertainment, delicious food, and good old Texan hospitality.

We look forward to meeting you.

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