Garage Door Off Track

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If you come home to find your garage door off track, you might be tempted to repair it yourself. The first thing to do, whether you plan on going the DIY route or seeking a Dallas garage door repair service, is to stop operating your door immediately to prevent any further damage.

Once the door is off track, though, you’ll be looking at a door that’s potentially dangerous and unstable. The broken door might also trap your vehicle inside, so prompt garage door repair is essential.

                  Garage Door Off Track: Why Did It Happen?

There are five main reasons your garage door might have slipped off track:

  1. Poor installation: If your door is not professionally installed, you may have misaligned tracks from the get-go. A garage door off track later down the line is also more likely to occur with the use of cheap steel tracks.
  1. Impact damage: Any impact at all makes it easy for your garage door to go off the tracks. Even at low speeds, a shunt into the door can easily force it off the tracks.
  1. Worn rollers: Replace any worn or broken rollers you notice to minimize the chance of your garage door coming off track as a result.
  1. Weight of the garage door: Tracks can buckle under the weight of the door itself, especially after years of constant use.
  1. Broken lift cable: Don’t neglect to service older garage doors. If a lift cable snaps, it can easily cause a garage door to go off track, which requires a more expensive fix than calling for preventative garage door repair and maintenance.

Are you standing in your driveway, stressed out because the garage door just fell off its track, and your car is in the garage? You are late for work; your kids are late for school, and you have not even had time to get a decent coffee yet. All you can do is search through annoying do it yourself videos, and you are not even sure that you have the tools to fix it.

Do not let yourself fall into the DIY trap! Regardless of how easy those videos make it look. Calling that handy neighbor over to repair the damage or temporarily fix the track on your garage door could become very dangerous. It might even make the problem worse. Turning a simple repair into an expensive, time-consuming issue, that will cost you even more of your hard-earned money.

There are several reasons why a garage door falls off track: the torsion spring may have broken, a cable may have snapped, or one of the kids may have left a skateboard or bike in the path of the door.

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