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Garage Door Repairs can be frustrating. They always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Like when you’re late for work, trying to get the kids to school, or about to head out for vacation. Broken or damaged garage doors are often noisy, ugly, and just downright embarrassing.


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Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with these headaches any longer.


The professionals at Metro Garage Door Repair are your local experts in Garage Door Installations and Repairs. With over 19 years of experience, there’s not much we haven’t seen with garage door or gate repairs. From broken springs and cables to damaged tracks and panels, we can handle it all.

Give us a call today and get a FREE ESTIMATE for your repair. We provide same day service on all makes and models and guarantee our work for your peace of mind.

“Eddy and Victor were great…arrived on-time and completed the job fast. Very professional.” – Scott H.

Don’t delay! The longer you wait, the worse your garage door problem can get. Contact us today for the help you need at a price you can afford.

How Do Garage Doors Break?

People often wonder how something as sturdy as a garage door can break so easily. But, just like everything else, garage doors need proper maintenance and care to perform their best.

How Do Garage Doors Break?

Most homeowners use their doors multiple times per day and in the worst conditions possible (heat, cold, rain and snow). And the materials and hardware that keep them working can deteriorate over time.

When they do, problems arise.

Dirt, dust, and humidity are usually the culprits. Dirt and dust get trapped in your rollers making them brittle and weak. While humidity and moisture accelerate rust – causing metal fatigue and (eventually) failure.

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. When it does, it’s important to know who to call.


Comprehensive Garage Door Service

Metro Garage Door Repair is your one stop shop for Garage Door Repairs. We can fix any type of door or gate problem and offer 24/7 Service and guaranteed results. Rest assured, you won’t find better service at a more reasonable price. Call us if you need:

  • Preventative Maintenance – to resolve squeaks and rattles and avoid costly repairs down the road. Our PM service includes lubrication and adjustment of all major door and electronic components.
  • Roller Repairs – for smooth and quiet operation. These small wheels are what control door movement up and down the tracks.
  • Spring, Drum, and Cable Replacement – using only the highest-quality materials for long life and trouble-free service.
  • Panel Repairs – for damaged or misaligned door sections. We can match most colors and styles to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Out of Balance/Off-track Correction – crooked doors aren’t just an eyesore, but pose a major safety hazard as well. Door springs and hardware are under tremendous pressure and can cause serious injury when they break. If your door is not operating properly, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and call for service.
  • Motor or Remote Control Programming and Service – we fix all door electronics and provide programming service to make sure everything works like new. This includes repairs to existing equipment and upgrades as well.

“If you need a garage door system installed, repaired, or serviced hire these guys. Period.”  – William M.

Whatever the issue, our trained service experts can help. We have nearly 20 years of experience in installation and maintenance of garage door openers, systems and accessories. We offer FREE estimates, same day service, and some of the best reviewsCall us today and we’ll get you fixed up right away.


Why Choose Us?

You have a choice in Garage Door Service, and Metro Garage Door Repair is the name you can trust. We’ve been in business for nearly two decades and employ some of the best-trained technicians.

Check out our dozens of 5-star reviews and see for yourself.

You can call anytime as we offer 24/7 service and same day appointments. We take pride in helping our customers and stand behind our work with some of the best guarantees in the business.

We also provide FREE estimates and will meet or beat any competitors price.

“Totally amazing and prompt service! Prices were much more reasonable than the others.” – Estella M.

Remember, damaged garage doors aren’t just ugly, they’re dangerous! Why take that chance with you or your family’s safety?

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