Highland Park may now be part of Dallas, but it started as an investment property in 1889. The investors knew what they were doing – back then, they paid around $377 per acre of land. That was a fair amount at the time, but nothing compared to the land value now.

The town itself got off to a somewhat rocky start when the primary agent had to stop development due to the 1893 Panic. Fortunately, he’d already put some infrastructure in the form of roads and a dam in place. By 1890, the area was popular as a picnic spot.

Development started in earnest in 1906 when a new investor entered the scene. John S. Armstrong named his new development Highland Park because of where it was situated. From there, the town started to grow.

Fighting Dallas

Interestingly, it wanted to be viewed as separate to Dallas and even petitioned the city to that effect. The annexation wasn’t approved, and so later that year, the town voted for incorporation instead.

From 1919 to 1945, the controversy of Dallas trying to annex the town led to somewhat frosty relations between the neighbors. This led to a rather unusual development – Dallas, unable to annex the town itself, began developing around it.

Highland Park, therefore, was in an interesting situation. It could only build new houses in the areas designated as parkland, or if an old house was destroyed. This is one of the things that has helped to preserve the unique architectural history of the area and the high-quality housing in it.

Highland Park Today
It is now an upmarket suburb of Dallas, which boasts a relatively small population and plenty of parks and greenery. The zoning laws here are stringent, and the area is known for its grand architecture and gorgeous parks.

It’s also the home of the prestigious Dallas Country Club and became famous as the location for the show, Dallas. If you were a big fan of the doings of the Ewings, this area is a short drive from the actual Southfork Ranch.

It’s now not a hotel and not a working ranch, but you can still see where Miss Ellie used to gather the family for dinner and experience some of the Southfork magic for yourself. (Minus JR, it’s a rather tame experience, but you can’t have everything.)

Interestingly enough, it seems that Hollywood is far from done with the area. It’s said that the comedy series GCB, which takes place in Hillside Park, was modeled around Highland Park.

If you’re a fan of that show, the lead character, Amanda Vaughn’s mother’s home is a short drive away as well. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll find the same characters in real life as you’ll find in the show, the gracious homes are pretty close to what Hollywood portrayed.

Want more Hollywood glamour? The character Claire Underwood, in the popular show, House of Cards, was said to have grown up in the area.

Back to Real Life

There’s a reason that the area is so popular with Hollywood moguls. It’s plain gorgeous, with expansive homes, quiet streets, and an upmarket atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

What to Do in Highland Park

It’s a relatively small area, but there is a fair share of activities within a stone’s throw of the area. Culture vultures will appreciate the proximity to the Dallas Arts District including the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, the Dallas Angelika Film Center, and the Winspear Opera House.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament center is a few minutes away.

GCB’s Carlene Cockburn would surely have approved of the Museum of Biblical Art.

Foodies Unite

Be sure to check out the Food Tours of America or the Dallas by Chocolate Tours if you’d like to have a good nibble. There are several upmarket restaurants for the discerning foodie within a few minutes of the area.

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