How Much is a garage door (2020 guide)

The price of replacing or installing a door to your garage involves many factors and not just the price of the door. The style, quality, and type of decorative and functional features dramatically affect the prices of the door, its opener system and installation. The average price tag runs $1,020, according to Most garage owners pay between $871 and $1,920, but the total price tag could run many thousands of dollars if you want top-quality materials, decorative features and/or special enhancements.

Depending on your budget, the expenses of door installation and the condition of the old door, you might opt for repair service or a new, worry-free installation. There are many expenses to consider to make a wise decision based on your needs and budget.

At Metro Garage Door Repair of Dallas, Texas, we offer expert service and advice on garage-type doors, and we can save you money by repairing the old door or doing the installation job properly. An expert installation can raise the value of your home, simplify your daily routine and ensure that your door stands up to many years of heavy use.

Expenses of Different Types of Doors for Your Garage

Prices vary based on the type of door, materials used and whether the door is automatic or manual. Below are some of the options to consider:

  • Materials
    Some materials cost more than the average, but these often add value to your home and last longer. The price also depends on the grade. Single-layer doors are the cheapest, but these damage easily and don’t provide much insulation from cold weather – especially if your garage is connected to the house. Common garage-door materials include custom woods, composites, vinyl and steel.

  • Door Style
    Door styles vary, but there are four basic types to consider:

    1. Swing-Out: This style is the type of entrance in which two doors swing out from the center.
    2. Swing-Up: This type of door swings up in a single piece.
    3. Roll-Up: These sectional doors are the most common and popular. The door rolls up in sections and operates by remote control.
    4. Sliding: These come in a pair that slide along a track like patio doors.

  • Door Screens
    May families in Plano TX and Dallas TX use their garages as workshops, additional living space and ventilation. Installing various kinds of screens give easy access to the garage while keeping out pests. Door screens run between $20 and $1,200, but they cost an average of $500. You can also choose more expensive screens that include motorized screens, retractable screens, walk-through screens and Lifestyle screens that work in tandem with the door to your garage.  
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The Expenses of Installing a Door on the Garage

The expenses of installing a door depend on the type of door and whether the existing infrastructure needs to be repaired or replaced. The work takes an average of five to seven hours, depending on the level of difficulty. It’s essential to have the new door and all the necessary fasteners, connectors, adhesives, tools and tracks for the new door.

The price of installing a door on your garage often runs higher than the price of the door, but according to, a correctly installed door adds home value, seamless entry to the garage and up to a 91 percent return on your investment. Some of the expenses of installation include:

  • Electrical Service
    Automatic doors need code-compliant wiring for the opener and entry lights.

  • Track Replacement
    Tracks often need replacing unless you choose the same brand and style of your existing door.

  • Door Style
    The heavier the door, the more qualified service technicians are needed to install the door safely.

  • Upgrade in Opener Technology
    It can make good investment sense to upgrade your door technology. There are three basic types of openers: electrical, belt-driven and chain-driven. Electrical openers can work with your phone app for smart home control, and different brands of openers offer battery backup, LED lighting, parking assist functions, beam photo-eye detection and auto-locking functions.

    Belt-driven openers use a steel-reinforced rubber belt to raise and lower the door. It’s quieter than the other two kinds of opener, and since there are fewer moving parts, you need less maintenance.

    Chain-driven openers are noisy, but they are the least expensive.

  • Lift Power
    You need an opener with the raw horsepower to lift the weight of the door. Med Lift Power at 0.50 HPS opens sectional aluminum doors, but you need Plus Lift Power at 0.75 HPS to handle heavier doors and multiple drivers who cause frequent openings and closings. Max Lift Power at 1.25 HPS is best for very heavy doors and areas that get severe weather conditions.

  • Insulation
    Getting a properly insulated door provides ongoing financial benefits for years if you heat and cool your garage space or when the garage affords entry to your house. Garage insulation for doors comes in one to three layers, and the types of insulation include polystyrene, vinyl-backed polystyrene, and Intellicore® polyurethane.

  • Sealing Seams
    Professional installers can seal the seams around the garage opening to reduce heating and cooling bills and prevent water intrusion. We highly recommend getting your garage sealed against the cold and rainy weather and the notorious Texas summer heat.

  • Wind Load
    Some states have wind-load regulations that require reinforcement for garage-type doors. Texas doesn’t have official requirements, but reinforcement might not be a bad idea in a state the receives man hurricanes and tropical storms.

  • Customizations
    Many homeowners choose to match their garage with their home’s architectural style. This might include adding windows, special hardware, panels, lights and decorative touches

The prices of the door and door opener are separate from the various installation expenses, but an experienced installation team works fast, provides correct installations and cuts overall labor expenses with greater work efficiency. 

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Related Expenses For New Garage Door

The expenses related to installing a new or replacement door on your garage also include related expenses that you should consider:

  • Repairs of existing infrastructure
  • Garage renovations or conversions
  • Transforming a garage into a full or partial workspace
  • Organizing the garage
  • Coating the garage floor with an epoxy coating
  • Hiring an electrician
  • Installing an automatic door opener

Getting the Most Out of Your New Door

Doing the job yourself is something we don’t recommend. The safety risks include improper installations, electrical fires, ignorance of necessary maintenance, thefts of garage openers by “helpers” and the possibility of a door weighing hundreds of pounds falling and causing severe injuries.

That’s why we recommend hiring Metro Garage Door Repair in Plano TX or Dallas TX. Our local company is family-owned, respected by our customers and experienced in the installation of garage-type doors in all styles and materials – including those that use the latest automated opening technologies. We can explain how to care for your door and even schedule regular maintenance service to keep the door in good repair. 

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How Much is a Garage Door

How Much is a garage door (2020 guide) The price of replacing or installing a door to your garage involves many factors and not just ...
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