If you’re reading this, either you have a snapped cable on your garage door, or you really like garage door literature. Assuming that most people are in the first group, let’s talk about snapped garage door cables and what you can do about them.

I Think My Garage Door Cable Just Snapped

This can be a fairly easy problem to troubleshoot. In most cases, you will be able to see that the cable is broken. It may have even snapped up towards the spool or be lying on the garage floor, so look around if it isn’t where you expect it to be. Another sign that your cable has snapped is that the door won’t want to open, and probably won’t. Once you have determined that you have a snapped cable, what do you do? Can you fix it yourself?

Common garage door issues like snapped cables can be a real pain, especially when the weather is bad, its times like those that snapped cables are the worst! The garage door won’t open without a fight, and that makes using the garage next to impossible. What’s worse, this is one problem that even DIY gods need to leave for the pros most of the time because it’s dangerous.

How dangerous? Garage door mechanisms are under extreme tension and pressure and replacing the cable requires working in and around all of that explosive energy that’s just waiting to go off. Don’t let it go off on you.

As soon as you discover that your garage door cable has snapped, stop using the door. If the car is inside the garage, then you may need to evaluate the situation before you go farther. Be diligent here, making the wrong move can damage your door resulting in expensive repairs and possibly requiring full replacement of your garage door.

Once all vehicles are removed from the garage, or the repair appointment set with Metro Garage Door Repair, do not open your door and risk causing more damage. Wait patiently for your installer or repairman to come and work their magic. It’s hard to wait, but usually cheaper in the long run.

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Edo Binder