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Metro Garage Door Repair is a family-owned business that has been serving the Mesquite area for over 25 years. We are specialists in garage door repair, opener installation and replacement, as well as spring replacement. Our company also offers new garage doors sales and installation, rollers off track repair, torsion springs experts, replacing cables and all other parts of the system. With our many years of experience in this industry we have grown into one of the most successful companies in this field with an A+ BBB rating. We extend our generosity to our customers who are in need of proper care for their garage door by providing excellent customer service at reasonable prices. 

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Metro Garage Door Repair is the best company for garage door repairs! Our technicians are experienced, reliable and knowledgeable. We believe in a full service that includes an extended warranty after we finish our work so you know your covered at all angles. Contact us now to get started on your home’s next project today!

Metro Garage Door Repair offers fast response time with quality materials and qualified professionals who provide a top-notch customer experience – call them today to install new doors or gates around Mesquite area homes 

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Garage Door Repairs in the Mesquite area can be frustrating. They always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Like when you’re late for work, trying to get the kids to school, or about to head out on vacation! Broken or damaged garage doors are often noisy and embarrassing – thankfully Metro Garage Door Repair has your back with over 19 years of experience repairing all sorts of issues that come up with garage door repairs from new installations and replacements as well as gate repair services too.

Commercial Mesquite Garage Door Repair Services

Commercial Garage Door Repairs in Mesquite are serious business. You rely on your Garage Doors, Rollup Doors, and Commercial Gates to keep operations running smoothly and on schedule. Broken equipment means reduced productivity, wasted time, and lost revenue. Thankfully, a damaged commercial garage door doesn’t have to slow you down. The commercial garage door pros at Metro Garage Door Repair in Mesquite are your local experts in Commercial Garage Door Installation and Repair. Learn More

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Metro Garage Door Repair is not your typical garage door company. We are licensed, insured and locally owned and operated – ensuring that you get the best possible service in Mesquite! Our team of expert technicians can handle different types as well as brands of doors using the right instruments, resources and experience to ensure a proper repair every time. As our customers’ satisfaction is always paramount for us here at Metro Garage Door Repair, we will leave no stone unturned in making sure that you feel fully satisfied with your repaired garage door after each visit from one out professional experts on site working diligently to fix it up so there’s little chance anything should go wrong again anytime soon.


Metro Garage Door Repair Mesquite has been providing garage door repair services for years. We have a reputation of being the best in their field, and we take pride in our workmanship because it is your satisfaction as well as ours that matters to us most.

We offer residential and commercial services related to installation or replacement of garage doors, maintenance service such as tuning up an existing one and keeping all parts running smoothly with routine inspections etc., broken spring replacements which are normally common but can be dangerous if not properly cared for; among other things you need done quickly when time comes like sensor repairs on new ones so they won’t keep shutting down unexpectedly due to problems out-of-sight from where you typically check these sensors–saving yourself some frustration before

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

There are a variety of reasons why your garage door may not be operating as it should be. A professional technician will be able to diagnose what may be the issue, and provide you with an estimate on the cost to repair it. Broken cables, broken springs, or a malfunctioning opener all could be culprits of your garage door not opening properly. It can also be refusing to open if the door got off the tracks. You may be able to identify the issue yourself by visually checking these items to see if they appear damaged. If your garage door isn’t closing, the likely reason is that the sensors on the door being interrupted. They are in place to prevent an accident happening if something were in the way as the door closes. If the eye of the sensor is not working or the infrared beam is being interrupted somehow, that could be causing the door to keep from closing.

The springs on a garage are there to counteract the force of gravity on the door, making it easier for it to open and close.There are many types of garage doors that are different sizes and weights. Therefore, there are also many types of springs that are used on certain types of doors. It’s difficult to give an exact price on what the cost will be to replace the spring (or springs) until a technician is able to inspect the kind of spring you need for your particular door to replace it. Roughly, the cost to replace a spring is anywhere from $89-169. A technician will be able to tell you exactly what the cost will be including the labor to install it once they determine what type you need.

Regular maintenance to your garage door system will help keep your garage opening and closing smoothly without issues. It is recommended to get it tuned up annually to extend its life cycle. A technician will do a check up on all the major components (cables, springs, opener, tracks, etc) and lube all the necessary parts. Having a tune up performed can prevent a more expensive fix down the road from parts breaking from neglect. A garage door has a life cycle of 10,000 opening and closing of the door. Without proper monitoring, you may find yourself with a broken cable or spring which is more costly than scheduling to have routine maintenance performed.

This depends on a few different factors. If it is a minor dent, it is possible to repair the damage verses replacing the panels or the entire door. If there is minor damage to the garage door, it may be possible to pop out the dents and repair the damage. It is important to address the issue as soon as you can to avoid having to replace the entire door down the road. It may be that you have to replace panels of the door instead of the entire door. However, if the door is old and out of date, it may be impossible to find a panel match. If the door is completely damaged or out of date, you will need to purchase a new door to replace it. A technician will be able to inspect the door and let you know if a door needs to be replaced and what options are out there or if they will be able to repair it.

The spring may be broken if the door doesn’t open all the way or at all, or it is making very loud noises. This is potentially dangerous and you should contact a professional to replace the springs.