Metro Garage Door Repair Plano excited to over it’s services to the residents of Richardson, Texas


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Richardson, Texas: The Nation’s Telecom Corridor

Richardson is a city that is part of both Dallas and Collin Counties. Known as the nation’s “Telecom Corridor”, the city is home to over 500 telecommunications and high tech companies such as AT&T, Cisco, and Texas Instruments to just name a few. The city also serves as Blue Cross Blue Shield’s headquarters and has two colleges.


The city was first settled in the 1840s by settlers from Tennessee and Kentucky. Its natives were the Comanche and Caddo Indian tribes. The settlement of the town began in what is now present-day Richland College. When the railroad was built the town’s center (which consisted of an inn, a general store, and a blacksmith shop) moved closer to the railroad. Many may wonder about the city’s name. Where it came and who it was named after. Originally the town, rather the land the town was on, was donated by a local ginner named William J. Wheeler along with Bernard Reilly, a shoemaker. The town wanted to name it after William, but he declined, stating that the state “already had a town called Wheeler.” The citizens of the town finally decided on naming it after a railroad contractor who built the line from Dallas to Denison. Thus, the city was named and chartered in 1873. Today, the city borders the cities of Dallas, Plano, and Garland. In addition, it also borders Sachse and Murphy.


North Tex weather is predominantly hot and dry, considering it is not close to any coast, during most of the year. If you’re not from here, you are probably wondering if it snows. While it is rare, there are some occasions when the city gets more than just slick ice on the roads during the winter season. As the saying goes in Texas, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute …” this goes to say that often weather can be unpredictable but not always as exaggerated as the saying. I mean, it’s not going to snow one minute and be as hot as standing in the middle of a desert mid-day in the next minute. It just means that the city doesn’t usually have a normal weather pattern. Summer heat is vicious, however, so try to remember sunscreen and a frozen margarita.


Living in Richardson with unpredictable weather patterns can sometimes be a little scary. There was one season when a storm flew in practically damaging my garage door. Actually, I damaged the garage door but it was because of the weather. One time, I was driving home from work on a sunny day, but before I headed home, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner. Leaving the grocery store (which was only about a 5-minute drive away from home), it started to hail. I thought to myself, “how about that? It hails! Just as I drive off.” I hurried home but the hail storm had gotten worst and started to feel like rocks were being thrown at my car. Just as I was pulling into my driveway, my rear window busted. Consequently, I panicked and instead of stepping on the brake pedal, I ended up stepping on the gas pedal. Bam! I crashed into the garage door, damaging it. After that, I had to find a garage door repair person to fix it. After insurance, I can honestly say the company I hired to do the garage door repair were professionals and did a quality job. I know I couldn’t have done it myself, so I’m glad they did it for me.

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