Wooden garage doors are a lot of work, but they’ll well worth it. Not only do wood doors provide a beautiful, unique appearance that can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your property, you can have them customized to match your home’s style, different windows and door cut-outs, and architectural cut-outs. However, they do need a bit of maintenance to keep them in good repair.

What are the most important steps for keeping your garage door in good condition?

  • Make sure the water sealant is reapplied regularly. Wooden garage doors can stand up to a lot of physical damage, but water is harder for them to deal with. Have a sealant reapplied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and check key spots (like near hardware bolts, the bottom of the door, and worn edges) for bowing, rot, and swelling.
  • Keep the stain or paint finish fresh. Just like with a water sealant, the topcoat of stain or paint needs to be touched up and reapplied regularly. Usually, all you need to do is a quick visual inspection to see where the color is starting to get a bit thin. To make maintenance a bit easier, look for stains and paints that offer water protection, too, so you can reduce touch-ups to a single step.
  • Stay on the alert for motor and spring damage. Wood doors are quite a bit heavier than other models, so that means your garage door’s hardware is probably sturdier than the standard set-up. However, that extra weight is still there so damaged springs, crooked tracks, and an overworked motor will deteriorate faster once a problem starts.

Garage doors are a worthwhile investment, both for your time and money, because of the way they can change the whole look of your property. For more maintenance tips and to keep the mechanisms in good repair, go to Metro Garage Door Repair here.

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Edo Binder