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Follow Metro garage door repair well-ordered guide and turn into a garage door expert. So you’ve figured out your topic, your floor and more. The garage door is an essential factor in finishing your fantasy garage and home.Garage doors are one of the most commonly neglected focal points of homes. Replacing a garage door can up a house’s curb appeal and rejuvenate its external appearance, but the choice is not always an easy one to make. After all, exterior features come in endless colors, materials, shapes, and designs. Even so, not all choices will compliment the exterior of your home.

To help make your purchase a little easier, we’ve compiled basic guidelines for choosing the best door for your home’s garage and paired it with our recommendation for the best garage door repair in Dallas. Enjoy!


It might be the first occasion when you’ve had to buy a garage door since garage door is not something that you purchase numerous times each year. You likely think where to begin. Try not to stress yourself. We’re going to guide you step by step through safety, sizing, materials, appearance and more.

Garage Door Style and Design

Start by considering what type of door would compliment the architectural design of your home. While the vast majority of homes feature doors with horizontal sections that roll along two tracks, some homeowners prefer the traditional yet-manually demanding look of swing-style carriage doors. In addition to their opening style, doors come in a variety of shapes (square, rectangular, arched) and feature a variety of aesthetic improvements, such as windows, decorative accents, or ornamental trim.

Ensure that the product you choose coordinates well with your existing home features. If you’re considering windows, ensure that the style matches that of your home. Furthermore, consider opting for insulated glass if you heat your garage or are looking to conserve household heat.

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You want a garage door that is sturdy, dent and fade resistant, tranquil and alluring. When choosing a new door, homeowners must consider the cost, durability, and look of the construction material. Such as Steel Garage Doors.


Steel garage doors are conservative, strong, secure and require little maintenance. They have surpassed wood in fame. Many doors are constructed from a double layer of galvanized steel. Quality steel doors come with extended warranties usually ten years or more as a sign of their durability.

The present steel doors can be alluring, as well. They arrive in a broad palette of hues, and some are designed to look similar to stained wood. It is conceivable to paint steel garage doors, yet special paints or primers may be required depending on the finishing of the door or cladding. While incredibly long-lasting, galvanized steel is easily dented and prone to rust. 

Nevertheless, it provides a solid foundation for many painted and material composite looks. How thickness the steel is can provide some insight into the door’s general quality. Top-quality steel doors have a tendency to be produced using 24-gauge steel, moderate quality doors from 25-or 26-gauge steel, and low-quality doors from 27-or 28-gauge.

However, the thickness of steel goes a long way on the quality of the door as thin steel is more exposed to dents. Doors produced using galvanized steel that has a baked on the polyester finish are particularly resistant to rusting.

There are always alternatives when it comes to selection but purpose and weather are topmost factors when considering the best option. An insulated steel door is best if keeping the garage warm or controlling noise between the garage and outdoors is a priority. This may be the situation on the off chance that you utilize the garage as a workshop or extra room. Polyurethane garage door insulation is better than polystyrene when selecting an insulator.  


Wood garage doors offer a warm, friendly appearance. Composite-wood doors are moderate when it comes to price and are intended to be painted—a sensible decision if cost is your utmost concern or on the off chance that you need the color of your garage way to match the siding of your house. Appearance-grade wood doors are intended to be recolored for an appealing regular wood look. Custom wood garage doors are made by gifted skilled workers and can be to a great degree appealing, attractive and expensive.

Custom wood doors are made from a variety of solid and composite woods (which feature multiple layers). Some come factory-stained or painted, while others boast the unspoiled potential of unfinished wood. Wood doors are extremely durable, insulating, and weather-resistant but must be restained regularly to prevent issues such as warping or rot. Wood is a superior insulator against frosty and clamor than steel alone, however not on a par with an insulated steel door.

Be that as it may, wood garage doors require huge maintenance, including intermittent painting or recoloring. (Steel doors may at times require painting, yet not so regularly.) Wood doors age rapidly, particularly when frequently subjected to precipitation or direct sunlight. They have a short time warranties which are an indication of their regularly short lives.

Wood doors are heavy, and in any case, a wood door may be proper if utilized in an area that doesn’t receive much direct sunlight and is protected from precipitation by an overhang. A roll-up wood garage door at the latter might spare you few dollars compare to tilt-up model. However, it will be heavy and difficult to operate and might be considered suitable if the objective is to cover the garage door with the same siding that is on the rest of the house. It’s especially essential to select doors made by the leading manufacturers while choosing a composite-wood door. Obscure-brand, low-priced composite garage doors frequently are shoddy.

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Glass and aluminum garage doors feature perhaps 8 to 16 frosted-glass or fiberglass panels supported by an aluminum frame. These doors have a distinctive, contemporary look. The panels are translucent however not transparent, so they permit a lot of light into the garage without giving individuals a chance to see in—a pleasant alternative for somebody who utilizes a garage as a workshop or dynamic storage area.

Aluminum is yet another popular metal material used for carport entrance ways. Like steel, it is easily dented and inclined to rust. Nevertheless, it is extremely durable and can be primed and painted any color. The aluminum frames on these doors are exceptionally solid, yet the glass or fiberglass panels can crack or break—fiberglass is particularly weak in a frosty climate.

Fiberglass is a synthetic material that is popular in contemporary homes. It comes in preset color options. It is more resistant to dents than metal materials. Meanwhile, it is a bit pricier too. Fiberglass likewise can yellow with age. Warranties vary widely, usually one to five years at the same time do not cover cracked panels. Glass and fiberglass panels don’t provide much insulation or security hence; they are prone to early damage when exposed to harsh elements. Glass weight more than fiberglass panels. Also, glass neither fade nor yellow over time, and burglars may be leery of breaking in by shattering a glass panel in view of the clamor. This indicates that glass panels provide more security compared to fiberglass.

What else you should consider when getting a new garage door?

Here we will go over some of the components that garage doors have. When getting a new garage door make sure you get the hardware and parts that will serve you the best.

Garage Door opener

Getting a great garage door opener for your new garage door can be a significant add on. Today the new garage door opener’s are equipped with high security features preventing from thieves to open your door remotely. One of the coolest features the new openers have today is built in Wi-Fi so you can actually control your garage door remotely anywhere you are in the world. With the new built in Wi-Fi Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage doors have you can also get notifications if the door is open or need maintenance.

ROLLERS and Hinges

The garage door rollers are actually just like the tires of the door the role of the roller is to help the door go up and down smoothly by using a roller. There is several rollers in the market somewhere made of plastic some are metal and the best ones are ball bearing still garage door rollers with nylon coating. Having ball bearing nylon coding roller will help to reduce the noise in the garage significantly. The rollers are attached to the door with hinges, there is also several type of hinges from low duty to heavy duty rollers with nylon to reduce the noise. Regular rollers and hinges are due to be replaced every 10 years on average.
garage door roller

Garage Door Insulation

There is different types of garage door insulation available in the market from the vinyl back to a complete steel back high rated R-value insulation. Having an insulated garage door will help to reduce the temperature in the summer time it will help to keep the cold out in the winter time. Make sure to inquire about the different type of insulation before getting your new garage door it will definitely make a big change in your garage temperature and climate.

Garage Door Color Options

Basically you can have your garage door painted any color you wish to have from white almond gray or even crazy hot pink all traditional still garage doors are very easy to paint. You will need to use about 1 gallon of exterior paint for two car garage 16′ x 7’.

The best way to go about choosing your favorite color is to actually have it manufactured directly with your color of choice here is the list of colors you can choose from when getting your door from us.

Solid Powder Coated Colors – Available in Any Color!

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Light Blue



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Follow the Manufacturer's Recommendations

Many homeowners fail to follow recommended maintenance protocols when it comes to their garages. For example, wood doors need to be re-stained or painted regularly to prevent premature aging, warping, or surface imperfections. Meanwhile, metal doors should be washed and waxed to prevent the buildup of rust. When you consider the amount of exterior surface made up by the garage, it seems absurd to neglect it.

Homeowners should also maintain and test the interior mechanisms. For example, track-mounted doors should be lubricated once a year to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. Meanwhile, the weather stripping, which is connected to the door’s base, should be replaced when worn out. Preventative maintenance is neither time consuming nor expensive, but many homeowners fail to execute it.


DIY Garage door Maintenance

DIY NOT RECOMMENDED Garage door Maintenance

Metro Garage Door Repair

If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, consider the fact that replacing the door on your garage can garner an 85 percent return on investment. Not only that, but it is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s exterior. As an added bonus, a new door can buffer sound, conserve home energy costs, improve security, and enhance accessibility to your home or car.

Call Dallas’s own Metro Garage Door Repair now to start a conversation about door replacement or help solve a problem with a preexisting entryway. Our associates are on call and happy to assist you.Homeowners who are looking to make improvements on their home will benefit by getting doors for their garage. Whenever you are looking to get a door, it will be important to consider a number of things. You will want to focus on the materials of the door to make sure that they are durable.

It will also be important to find a unique design that will help enhance the appearance and look of your home. As a homeowner, getting a door for your garage will also require that you get additional services such as repair and installation. These services will help you address any mechanical problems or difficulties that may come up with the door.

It will be in the best interest of the homeowner to find a company that is reputable and one that offers the best prices. With the right door for your garage, you will be able to make your home look nicer as well as more valuable. Metro Garage Door Repair provides customers with 24/7 customer service. We understand that mechanical issues can sprout up without warning and work to find rapid solutions to any and all issues.

We also offer a wide variety of custom and premade doors. Whether you’re looking for a glass, wood, contemporary, or vintage look, Metro has countless looks and offers quick, reliable installation.

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